How to Choose Fantastic Jewelry

Jewelry is always an expression of the wearer’s style and tastes. When you purchase any piece you must ensure that it complements your sensibilities and that you are comfortable wearing it. A simple necklace can go a long way in making an elegant statement about you.Complement your wardrobe with items that are versatile and match most dresses. You should also keep in mind the sort of occasions for which you will need to wear them. Other considerations include durability and frequency of wear. You must also keep your proposed budget in mind while shopping around.You need not stick to tried and tested jewelry. In this matter, flexibility is a boon. Mix and match pieces so that you have many more combination. You can also choose a particular designer if the pieces in his or her line are in tune with your tastes.You do not have to go in for pure silver or gold every time. You can stick with costly stuff for basic pieces like an entire set or a necklace. For other pieces you have more affordable options in costume jewelry that offers a variety of designs at bargain prices.Another option is sterling silver. You can take a low cost route by opting for silver plate pieces for your collection. Another low cost option is gold plated jewelry. You will have to maintain these pieces carefully but you are getting your money’s value in this case too.While purchasing rings, make sure to match them to the occasion they will be used at. You should also coordinate them with the rest of your collection. Don’t hesitate to try the ring on and check if it looks good on your fingers. With necklaces the length of the neck is the critical factor.Chokers on short necks look unbearably stuffy. They should be for long necks ideally. Opera or diva necklaces are much better for short necks. Bracelets can be dainty or attention grabbing depending on your tastes and the demands of the occasion.