Fundraising – Jewelry Makes the Perfect Money Maker

Perhaps one of the fastest ways to raise a large amount of funds for any type of fundraiser would be to offer jewelry at a wonderful discount price. Jewelry is an item that is always appealing to many people and most won’t mind investing a few dollars especially if part of the proceeds is going towards a good cause.Earn Higher CommissionsIf you have some local jewelry stores near your area you may be able to do some sort of a commission deal where you won’t actually handle the jewelry, but just put out advertisements and earn a nice commission for each sale. This is a win-win situation for both you and the jewelry stores that are involved. If it’s a good cause you may be able to negotiate a little bit better commission rate – say 20% or higher.Think Diamonds and GoldIf you’re thinking about fund raising jewelry it will be good profitable to think about the higher end items too – like expensive gold, watches and diamonds. Yes, it will limit the people that you might be able to market to. However; you’ll need fewer sales to earn a large amount of money for your fundraiser.Appearance Also Plays a PartIf you’re thinking about using fund raising jewelry for your next charitable event, you need to also remember that image will be very important. This is not the type of item that you can go out selling wearing jeans and T-shirt. Each volunteer should be appropriately dressed in business attire. If you follow these few steps you can have a very successful fund raising jewelry event and raise considerable amounts of money for your next charitable event.